Saturday, 23 January 2016

For the start:

Blog Horsepower is internet platform for better communication between artists, scientist and engineers working on the art project Horsepower. In 2015 Otto Urpelainen and Zoran Srdić Janežič worked on art project Corporis Animati where the aim was to create ''pig robot''. Pig robot had three senses while beeing in the gallery space: walking through space (walking in front both wheels, one left or right wheel, and when finding a border going backwards), finding human heads (with pig detector which started rapid turning of lights on and off and pigs nose constructed of electromagnet started to sniff), finding it's own limits when finding white border (seeing through photocells).

In 2016 for the exhibition space of Kapelica Gallery we are lounching a new project: Horsepower. The aims of project follows:
- working on energy supply for robot - bioreactor which should work on rotting horse meat
- movement of horse robot on trails going from point A to point B and B'. B are bioreactors full with energy and B' are used ones. B and B' are defining a special place: figuratively speaking horse graves
- transport of separate bioreactors from stand to robot and back

Byproducst are:
- collaborative feeding of bioreactors
- transmission of energy

Links on project Corporis Animati (2015):

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