Sunday, 7 February 2016

Development of a plan: goals

Art project Horsepower is based in the field of media art includes:

- Animatronics - Robotics: construction and management of robots that simulate human and animal characteristics and

- Bioengineering - Energy: Development and construction of the bioreactor.

The basic substantive goals:

- Establishing a metaphor of a horse as a working power, while its emancipation from the service man

- Non-anthropocentric views

- Establishing relationships between biotic and abiotic in trivial language we can say there are relations between what is living and non-living

- Questioning of hybrid bodies

- Establishing relations between body & movement

- Development and construction of the bioreactor with bio-engineered (fermented horse meat), which provides energy to drive the robot - Horse

- Development self-sufficient system (construction, energy, transport)

- Development of movement and senses movement robot horse

- The development of artificial intelligence (AI)

- Development of independent electronic circuits (no template or programming through Arduino or other platforms) depending on the development of the project

- The construction of the robot - Horse

For the one of the next posts: histories - it is interesting how a horse was perceived as artificial device still as horse: this is Iron Dobbin from 1933. Reblogged from Wiki

In the new project, Horse Power (Horse Power) a self-sufficient and self-sustaining system is in development which will allow the robot power to move. In the previous variant of the robot (in Corporis Animati) it is supplied from the storage battery. In the new version, the robot is going to be fed from the decomposition of organic material: degradation of biological material using biological organisms through a process of fermentation obtained greater energy efficiency. Direct bonding of biological material on a mechatronic system (machine - electronic - software design) robot is not exposed as a cyborg (because the tissue is no longer living, and because it is not directly connected with the control panel) as it establishes a hybrid live to (non)living creature. Consciousness robot - the horse is so tied to energy consumption behavior and testing bioreactor cells as useful and useless, the movement, and in space. The robot will use a single bioreactor cell (if there will be enough energy) to ensure awareness and move around the room. Historic reminiscence is noticeable in relation to Galvani experiment with bioelectricity (electric supply to the muscles severed frog's legs) - in which (recently) dead tissue is no longer the movement of before living organism but it is long after the death occurs in the process of disintegration provides energy for the movement.

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