Sunday, 7 February 2016

Some ideas on story and aesthetics

The story might be built on this:
Sebastian the horse was a real friend. Strong, beautiful, kind, always ready to serve. Now he is dead.

Never in his life did he do anything for himself. All his toil and effort was spent for us, to satisfy our needs. We need to reward him now. His whole life was given to us. We let him give to himself now. Hide, muscle, fat, bone, sinew and all the rest is processed as efficiently as the wit of man allows today. What is retrieved is given back. Let the torches burn long and bright in memory of Friend Sebastian.
As a way explanation, I see the whole thing as a complicated and perhaps a little bizarre funeral arrangement. Friend Sebastian is dead, and we a robotic caretaker tends the flames that are fuelled by Sebastian own decomposing body.
A view into horse's tomb
It could be a shrine like arrangement where there is only one opening into otherwise enclosed space. It preserves the sanctity of the grave, gives proper sacred feeling and, talking about practicalities, gives lots of freedom for hiding the techical details of the scene.
Top view of friend Sebastian's tomb

How the robot horse moves the decomposing parts of Sebastian from one reactor to another is a good question.It may even turn out to be amajor obstacle. Here is an idea for a scheme where liquid material moves in pipes and the robot controls everything by opening and closing valves.

Finally, some questions:
  1. Can we make the produce of the reactors burn?
  2. Can we have flames of different colors?
  3. Will the reactors bubble or hiss or otherwise appeal to the senses?
  4. How do you make glue out of a dead horse? Or a live one?
  5. Talking of pipes and liquid, do we need pumps, or is gravity flow enough?
  6. What do we do with the mess that accumulates in the final reactor?

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