Monday, 5 September 2016

MFC: Ljubljana: new tests 20.8. - 5.9.

Meat for tests is located as number 9 and 10. Minced meat is made of meat and fat.

New tests with horse meat started in the middle of the August. As mentioned in the previous post, meat was in the fridge for more than two weeks and it is possible that some decomposing bacterias were already there. Decomposing bacterias were located on the surface, in the middle meat looked fresh. The difference is seen on the graph. Same meat is in the bottles with two different groups: meat with a mediator (blue line and rhombuses) and mediator free meat (red line and dots). Differences can be explained with bacterias from the surface of the meat. One test bottle is mediator and meat free - it is a just probiotic culture which has one of the best current (Volt) graph (yellow line and square). Further tests might still look for different decomposing bacterias.

Down there are photos. One part of meat from first days of tests is on the top and the bottom of the content. Last days less meat is on the top (fat).

starting new tests (final prior to the exhibition) additional measurements follows:
- test bottle with just micro bacteria had no effects after one month
- meat bottles without mediator descended more (further measurements follow in next week)

1st of November update:
Voltage is more or less stabilised. Increasing of voltage is very low and it is due to more warm weather than previous days. (between 8 and 20 C)
Problem with the first bottle with just a meat - decreasing of voltage to less than half value from the others is possible to made suspicion that there is something wrong (Oxygen came to anaerobic bottle etc.)

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