Sunday, 21 August 2016

House Layer, last week (3.-13-8.) and new generation in Ljubljana 20.8.

Here is an update: two weeks ago we have worked on the last week experimenting with bacterias for MFC. Their action was already declining, but we have managed them to run additional tests.

From the beginning of tests, each MFC was measured separately depending on the content of each fuel cell. Final experiments integrated all cells together: connected in series were capable of producing over 1,5 volts.

Current we got from MFC's didn't have enough stamina to run LED. We have also tried Joule thief and charging of a battery as a possible solution for energy harvesting.

At the end of experiments all cells were disposed to the toilet. The opening of bottles released the strong odour.

New tests need more experiments on:
- bigger surface of electrodes
- bigger and shorter protonic bridge or other
- separate three tests with the same amount of meat and bacterias, test with only meat, test with only cultures
- tests with joule thief and battery charging
- possible working on further decomposition as it might represent an important flow of organic matter
- locating of bacteria (microbial cells and organisms from the body) and gas (Co2 ...) in the anaerobic bottles

These first experiments were crucial. Next will start soon in Ljubljana.


 This weekend meat was not available, but some tests started with old equipment.

At the end of testing MFC's in Kranj, there was a plan to make new fuel cells. One part was for Vinogradsky column and another part was waiting for new tests. Because of illness meat was in the fridge for two weeks. A further study was also kept in the mind: A question of all possible different microbial cultures existing in the process of decomposing of meat (one of the previous post). Meat in the fridge had drained fluids on the bottom of a bag and all over the surface of the meat. In the centre of the meat, it had a fresh appearance. In each bottle around 200 g of meat was laid. At the time it was not important which part was taken - surface or centre. Before putting the methylene blue to the bottles, because of different readings, two bottles were separated, one bottle was extra with just microbic cultures.

A mediator is still working better, but there are already bacterias in the decomposing meat that work mediator free. Question is - are lactobacillus needed (test with just meat in water).

The difference between first and second day is also visible in meat floating on the top. This meat was minced, but it was not blended as in the original tests. Next experiment will be with blended meat.

Anaerobic pots also have one tube each for releasing CO2 and other gases into the air through water container.

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