Sunday, 31 July 2016

MFC, house Layer, third weekend 31.7.2016

At the end of the third weekend, we (Sara, Benjamin, Z) compared results and the best option in the test of cultures is second or B option of cultures YC-X16

Cultures are mainly Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus


For more precise characteristics like temperature range of culture YC-X16, a technical sheet from the producer CHR Hansen is copied on the post.

A series of graphs is pasted below: y-axis representing current in mV, x-axis are days. As graphs might contain experimental error and measurements in days is made per day and not recalculated by hours (measurements were made mostly in the afternoon or evening from 19 to 21 h) they determine that further experiments will be made with cultures YC-X16 (B)

- cultures  ABY-3 (A) + YC-X16 (B)

cultures ABY-3 (A)
cultures YC-X16 (B) 
different jars

Small deviations are shown, which are minor - more all less measurement we can look as a continuous line.
Results are better with small percentage of culture YC-X16 (B). Additional tests with bigger quantity and even smaller would be nice

Next tests:

- different volumes
- different sizes of electrodes (in diameter) and also in future different materials (test ob bio-charcoal etc.)
- negative tests (meat without cultures YC-X16 and just cultures YC-X16)
- same combinations 3 x test

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